Delivery and Returns Policy


Out of Town

Shelfmart understands the importance of getting you your storage products quickly. With this is mind Shelfmart can ship or freight goods right across the country for you. Shelfmart has a preferred freight partner and can negotiate good rates for any and all products that Shelfmart supply. Feel free to ask one of our staff for any and all freight enquiries

Local Delivery

Shelfmart can deliver products right to your doorstep if you live within the Christchurch region. Depending on the products and quantities involved, where you require the goods to be delivered, timeframe and cost involved can vary. Delivering goods locally is usually negotiated at the time of purchase but feel free to ask one of our staff for any queries you may have on local delivery. Shelfmart is only too happy to freight the goods locally as well and this is something that Shelfmart can organise for you or you may have a preferred shipping partner you would prefer to use instead



Shelfmart stands behind all of the products it supplies. With this in mind if you are not satisfied in any way with products you have received please let the team at Shelfmart know immediately. If it is deemed that there is a product fault or the product is damaged then please contact the Shelfmart team immediately and a resolution to the issue will be given to your satisfaction. Under no circumstances are there to be any product returns without the authorisation of one of our staff. 

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